Panerai Radiomir replica watches had been invented, special Italian troupes have used them in some of the most demanding military operations. With the end of The Second World War, watches from this limited edition have become a must-have rarities among collectors from all over the world. It has been supplemented with the Luminor Base and Luminor Marina editions, and more than a 50 years latter, Panerai re-issued Radiomir watches. A new productions started in small series, with an important progress in quality, new cases and solutions for improving water-resistance, but basic concept and traditional aesthetic impact weren't altered.

Bearing the classic look of what most people associate with a replica Panerai Luminor 1950 dial, along with the simplicity of just two hands on the face indicating only the hours and minutes - for many watch lovers, the replica Panerai Radiomir represents one of the purest replica Panerai designs available. For that reason, I really like this particular collection that combines many desirable aesthetic traits along with a comfortable fit on the wrist. While it isn't very fancy compared to a lot of the other replica watches, the Panerai Luminor Power Reserve replica watch offers a lot of what you should be looking for in a timepiece from the popular brand.

It comes with the replica Panerai personalized leather strap and large-size polished steel buckle or the Panerai personalized alligator strap. The cushion-style Radiomir case has an easy-to-grip turnip-style crown and wire loop-style lugs which actually look super cool by today's standards. For me, the replica Radiomir edges out the Luminor case on sex appeal, and the sleek simplicity of the "lume sandwich" dial really helps complete the design package. Seriously, for replica Panerai Luminor Submersible watch lovers like myself who always tend to wind a manually wound watch to its max, power reserve indicators help to prevent constant winding - which can help accuracy, as most watches are at their peak level of accuracy somewhere between being fully wound and fully unwound. In any case, with or without some esthetic and technological modifications, Panerai Radiomir represents a highest achievements in production of sport watches, preserving its robustness, water-resistance and the supreme legibility.