Panerai Luminor Marina watches from Switzerland, it is a leader in the Swiss watch brand, Even if you do not like the Panerai, they are a luxury symbol, they are the pride of Switzerland; before they exhibited in the market, all Panerai They have passed rigorous testing. Replica Panerai's are like potato chips - you can't stop at one. There's no way to explain why we like them and why we want more. For those of us who like PAM's, we can wax lyrical about each of our precious PAM's just as our spouses or girlfriends can rant on about the differences between a Birkin and Kelly.

A replica Panerai Luminor Base dial has only two hands, hours and minutes, with no seconds hand and no date. This allows that gorgeous, bold and simple dial with 4 cool numerals: 12, 3, 6 and 9. Absolutely classic. The 112 also has a sandwich dial where the numerals are cut out of the top layer, exposing the luminous layer underneath. The sandwich dial is a replica Panerai hallmark. The 112 uses replica Panerai's famous OP X caliber movement, which is a higher-end modified ETA Unitas movement. Although not a true in-house movement, this is the movement that really says, "Panerai," because it is simple, high-quality, robust and solid. You can view the movement through the back of the 112 and it looks fantastic.

To me, this is the replica Panerai Luminor Chrono to have; it is basic, simple, uncomplicated and classic. The 112 is one of the very least expensive Panerai models, but it is also one of the most desirable. Consquently, it is VERY hard to find a 112. You may have to buy a pre-owned piece or order from an authorized dealer and wait. Believe me, I know how you feel. You have built up a respectable timepiece collection. Your collection includes a few fairly expensive pieces-possibly a replica Rolex Submariner or an replica Omega Planet Ocean, but something is missing. You realize it when you're at a cocktail and some guy shows up wearing a replica Panerai Luminor Marina Automatic. Sure, there are many more expensive pieces at this cocktail- plenty of Rolex Daytona and a couple of replica Panerai Luminor GMT pieces. But that replica Panerai steals the show. It looks awesome. You don't know exactly which model it was, but you know you cannot rest until you have your own Panerai.